Learn how to plan, capture and post process beautiful images from deep sky objects and milky way. Combine your passion with exploring beautiful Andalusia.

2024 + 2025 save the date:

7 nights astrophotography workshop

Accommodation, breakfast and one setup per room included - from DSLR with Startracker to different sized APOs to an 10" Truss RC and 8" Lacerta Photonewton.

250 clear nights a year

This place offers dark skies with constant SQM 21/ Bortle 3.8 - peaking at 21.4 / Bortle 3.0 - and unobstructed visibility to the south. At the same time, it lends itself to numerous ventures into the surrounding area.

Beautiful place

Stay in one of the most beautiful parts of Andalusia, discover country and people while learn and enjoy astrophotography. Small artists' white village Gaucin nearby.

Limited to three bookings

This workshop has a maximum group size of six participants.

One dinner included

In addition to this feel free to use our fully automatic coffee machine and fridge - create lunch and dinner in our well-equipped kitchen including six flame gas field and three ovens. Cooking together is welcome. (January weeks have all dinners included)

Top price: 1.750,- Euro / double room

Bring your friend or partner and enjoy time with like minded. January 2025 weeks have dinner included as well. Second person + Euro 200,-

Ever dreamed about taking shots like this? Come to Andalucia and join our workshops  

Workshop – basics

  • You are completely new to this kind of photography? You have made your first steps into deep sky and Milky Way photography? You are an experienced astrophotographer, searching for a perfect place? You are all welcome at Finca Olivar! Have a good time with like minded and bring your friend or partner.
  • Step into astrophotography while exploring beautiful Andalusia. Use the pool, follow one of those fantastic hikes nearby, photograph birds or insects at one of four national parks nearby, drive to the beach, visit Ronda or Morocco and many more. Check what to do near by our finca here….
  • Learn how to plan, capture and post process your astro photo – see details below.
  • Full equipment included: Use one of our three set ups. Covering the whole spectrum from wide field Milky Way to narrowband shots through our big Truss RC or the fantastic Lacerta photonewton – see details below. Feel free to add your own telescope, DLSR / DSLM and tripod as well.
  • Strictly limited to three exclusive bookings for three double rooms, each of them with one astro set up, own bath and own terrace to set up your astro session. Check rooms and property here….
  • Breakfast with fresh fruits, nuts, oats, milk and yogurt included
  • One paella dinner at the finca with red wine included
  • Fully equipped kitchen available


  • This area in South of Spain has about 250 clear nights / solid SQM 21 / peaking at 21.4
  • Our Finca is 550 meter above sea level / 2km away from picturesque village of Gaucin.
  • Gaucin is perfectly located about 40km north of Gibraltar at 36 degree latitude. Best access on south targets in Mainland Europe!
  • Best place to explore Andalusia and learning astrophotography.
  • Perfect south view.
  • Many options to set up equipment, get asleep and easily check status from inside your room.
  • Check our rooms and property here….

Workshop hosted by Martin Hochbruck

  • Professional camera man, editor and photographer for decades
  • More than 200 TV documentaries and TV magazine features, mainly in extreme sports, nature parks and Environmental protection projects. Check my work here…. (German)
  • Landscape photo work mainly for tree nurseries, waterways boards and nature parks.
  • Stepped into night and astrophotography five years ago and got access to this beautiful finca in summer 2022
  • That brought it to another level which was honoured with first awards on Astrobin where two of my images from Spain were selected or nominated for top pic. Check my astrobin site here….
  • Looking forward to meet you at Finca Olivar and sharing this beautiful place and night sky with you!

1. Plan

  • Use software like Stellarium
  • Plan your framing with Telescopius 
  • See where the Photopills App can help us
  • Get coordinate and frame rotation to your setup

2. Capture

  • Learn to setup different rigs
  • Polar alignement
  • Get in Focus
  • Take your calibration frames
  • Set up imagine sequence
  • Run / control your capture
  • Relax and enjoy a night under beautiful Andalusien sky

3. Post processing

  • Get into image calibration and stacking in Astro Pixel Processor, Siril or Affinity Photo
  • Learn basic concept and processing in Pixinsight
  • Learn how layer masking works in software like Affinity Photo and Photoshop
  • Tweak your image in Photoshop and Lightroom

Learn how to handle different setups

One Skywatcher CQ350  for big mirror scopes
  • TS 10″ Truss RC / F 6.3 – 1.600mm
  • Lacerta Photonewton 8″ / f 4.0 800mm
  • ASI 2600 MM / Cooled APSC Mono Astro Cam
  • 7 position filter wheel with Antlia LRGB pro and 3nm HSO Narrow band filter
  • ZWO Electronic focusser
  • Computer Controlled by Mini PC & NINA
One Skywatcher EQ6 mount for different  APO Triplets
  • TS Optics 115mm / f5.3 / 632mm
  • 76 EDPH / 76mm / f 4.0 / 342mm
  • Nikon 180mm f 2.8 ED
  • ASI 2600 MC / cooled APSC one shot colour Astro Cam
  • Antlia ALP-T 5nm duo Narrowband filter
  • ZWO Electronic focusser
  • Computer Controlled by AsiAir Pro
Star tracker with DSLM & DSLR
  • Sony A7R V / Nikon D750a
  • Skywatcher AZ GTI
  • Star Adventurer
  • Nikon 180mm 2.8 / 50mm 1.8 / Sony lenses
  • Intervalltimer

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