In addition to our finca rentals, we offer special workshops on astrophotography, bird photography and yoga at selected times.

Immerse yourself in the unique environment with our workshops and camps

Finca Olivar is not only a great place for vacation with family or friends. The location, the surroundings, the weather and the diverse flora and fauna make it a unique place. For photographers we offer special workshop and camp weeks where we share our knowledge and have a great time together with like-minded people.

2023 – Astrophotography workshops:

2023 September 9th to 16th: Milkyway & deep sky with focus to Cepheus & Cygnus

2023 November 11th to 18th: Milkyway & deep sky focusing on Auriga to Cassiopeia region

2024 – Astrophotography workshops:

January 4th to 11th: Milkyway and deep sky with focus on Orion

January 11th to 18th: Milkyway and deep sky with focus on Orion

2023 Bird photography camps
April 23th – 29th: Bird migration / Mountain and river habitats

September 2th – 9th: Bird migration / Mountain and Urban habitats

Astrophotography – workshop

About 270 nights with clear skies and an SQM of 21 (peak of 21.4) make our finca the ideal place for astrophotography. About 30km from the coast and at an altitude of 500m above sea level, it offers good seeing most nights. The castle ruins and the picturesque village nearby as well as the finca itself with its olive trees offer some nice locations for milky way compositions.

Bird migration and large birds in flight – camp

In spring and autumn a true natural spectacle takes place at the surrounding mountains, rivers and at the coast: Every year 30-40 million migratory birds from all over Europe gather at the end of August / beginning of September to wait for favorable flight conditions to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. In spring time they take the way back to their breeding places all around Europe. White storks, Black Kite, Honey Buzzard, eagles and many other species can be observed. Beside of the coastal line all the mountains around Finca Olivar have good options to spot large counts of birds of prey passing by in low altitude. Making this area to one of the most impressive for bird migration worldwide.
The south of Andalusia and the area around Finca Olivar in specific has a lot of exceptional places for bird photographers. During breeding season there are large colonies of griffon vultures and white storks in the immediate vicinity of our finca. Eagles live at the castle in Gaucin, bee-eaters visit the property, as do a number of different owls. Ronda has a lot of species to offer as well as the unique background of this awesome city.


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